Maintenance Request

If you have a maintenance emergency, you MUST call our office at (512) 499-0001 and press “1” to leave a message for our on call maintenance technician. The message that you leave will be immediately sent to our on call representative and they will respond as quickly as possible. We do not offer lock out assistance nor do we reimburse for this issue, you will need to contact a locksmith. We will need to be supplied a new key to your home should this situation occur.

The following are considered maintenance emergencies:

  • No electricity or water throughout the dwelling
  • The refrigerator is not working
  • No heat if the outdoor temperature is below 55 degrees
  • No air conditioning if the outdoor temperature is greater than 85 degrees
  • A clogged toilet if the home only has one restroom; * Any toilets, any sinks, or tubs that have overflowed should be called in and discussed with on call maintenance technician
  • Any leaks or leaking appliances
  • Fire, wind or storm damage
  • Any security threat such as a broken window, door frame or door lock
  • Any gas leaks, or any other problem that poses a threat to a person or property

If you are ever in doubt of whether the issues is a maintenance emergency it is best practice to call and leave a message, the on call maintenance will assist you in determining if the call is indeed an emergency.

If your issue is a non emergency issue, please click “here” and your request will be handled during regular business hours.

Information about possible maintenance issues you are experiencing:

Smoke Detector Beeping?
The smoke detectors are hard-wired into your unit and have batteries in them as back up in case of loss of power.
If your smoke detector is beeping, you need to change the battery.
If the smoke detector is too high for you to reach, contact us and we will come change it out for you.

Garbage Disposal Jammed?
Turn off the power switch and remove any objects that have fallen inside.
Check the base of the disposal under the sink for a re-set button.
Use a wooden spoon to un-stick the blades by manually turning the blades (make sure power switch is in the off position).

Plumbing Stoppage or Leak?
Use a plunger to try & unclog the stoppage.
Check to see if the chain is loose or has fallen off the inside of the toilet tank & replace it.
Remove any foreign objects & keep water mopped up until maintenance arrives.
If you have uncontrollable water leaking and do not get a response from maintenance, call a plumber from the yellow pages.

A/C or Heating? – If your A/C or heater stops working.
Always check the breaker box first. Breakers will trip due to too many appliances running at the same time.
Flip all the breakers back & forth one time, including the big one in the middle.
Check for ice on the unit. If there is ice outside or inside, turn off the unit and call maintenance.
Check the temperature verses the temperature blowing from the vent; 15 – 20 degrees difference is good.
Please note that it is mandatory that you change your filter monthly.
A properly functioning air conditioner will cool to about 15 – 20 degrees cooler that the intake temperature.

Washer or Dryer? – If your Washer or Dryer stops working?
Check the exhaust pipe behind the dryer. If it is crimped it will not dry.
Check the lint trap. If it is full it will not dry.
Make sure your washing machine is balanced. They can become unbalanced as a result of overloading them. A balanced washer will spin & clean better.

Dishwasher? – If your Dishwasher is not working properly.
Check for a switch near the sink that may have been turned off.
If you’ve stopped the dishwasher mid-cycle, drain water before re-starting.
Make sure there’s no food in the bottom of the dishwasher that could cause stoppages.

Please note that you are responsible for any damages caused by negligence or other misconduct.